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ESA Energy Solutions AG
Solutions for the energy transition


ESA Energy Solutions AG offers:

  • Financing your new efficient power plants for electricity, refrigeration and heat generation
  • Operational management of these systems
  • Gas supply for operation of cogeneration CHP


ESA Energy Solutions AG specializes in alternative decentralized energy concepts for electricity, refrigeration and heat generation. These solutions are based on the use of cogeneration plants for combined heat, cooling and power CCHP. ESA Energy Solutions AG pursues a sustainable and holistic approach:

Planning, construction, financing and management of power plants from a single source!

We value long-term & ouml; economically sensible and & ouml; ecologically sustainable concepts.

The L & ouml; solutions ESA Energy Solutions AG are flexible and demand-driven. Whether permanently installed, installed externally or as network installation, f navigation use r, we have all the requirements you the optimal energy supply concept.

The alternative L & ouml; sungskonzepte ESA Energy Solutions AG as required to the target groups and their & ouml; aligned rtlichen and technical circumstances. Each concept envisages the current electricity, CHEESE; LTE and W BEAR rmebedarf sustainable & ouml; ecologically and & ouml; economically optimize.

The basis of the optimization is a detailed inventory and the use of highly efficient power generators. The respective concept includes a Plug & amp; Play installation, the existing power plant without substantial structural BEAR can replace changes. In this case, the existing power plant remain partially intact or be completely replaced.


No investment for the implementation of an efficient energy system are required!

Our aim is to offer solutions only if they can be economically viable and efficiently represented.

Your advantages:

The Operational F & LEADERSHIP your power generation plants for electricity, heat and cold by the ESA Energy Solutions AG offers the following advantages:

  • no investment costs for navigation use r turbines remediation / Restoration
  • no administrative and operational costs for navigation use r handling of turbines
  • cheap cold and heat through high efficiency turbines
  • cheaper electricity through the use of CHP


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