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In addition to the purely technical requirements for function, cost savings, environmental friendliness and profitability for investments as capital goods, power plants are also for the prestige of the company operating. How to Apply power generators and cogeneration plants from Anlagenbau Andreas Pörschke GmbH & Co Betriebs KG equally representative and functional tasks was. A look at some of our projects we give you here.

2 MW gas CHP

VattenfallFor a planned gas CHP in the city of Hamburg an MTU unit along with a heating cabinet in a 30 "AP was encased CHP container and provided on the roof with a silencer, exhaust gas heat exchanger, wine coolers and piping. Was outside the container on the planned foundation of us. more

860 kW vegetable oil - CHP

Palettenfabrik Italien

For Euro pallets factory in northern Italy designed and we made a dual cogeneration. The plant is operated with vegetable oil based on the AP430 Container CHP. more

4,3 MW heat & power


To generate heat of an airport 10 pieces MAN LE 2842 were 211 units with heat exchanger cabinet, exhaust gas heat exchanger and - installed Marelli generators - to generate electricity and feed. more

2,5 MW vegetable oil - CHP

Kalkstein Fabrik

To the heating requirements of the production plant of limestone constructed to cover factory and we installed 6 AP630 Container CHP. more

AP430 vegetable oil - CHP


In the refining of fresh tomatoes, our customer, who received the latest revision of the AP430 for heat & electricity production specialist. The complex is located in northern Italy. The heat is used in the own use of electricity fed into the grid of ELEL. more