Natural gas generator

man gas

Our driven by MAN engines power generator units we offer the optmiale combination of low fuel consumption to high Energeiertrag, with high mileage and low maintenance intervals.  Our use of MAN are gas engines of the latest generation in 4 – and 6-cylinder in-line engines as well as 8 – and made 12-cylinder V-type and for your CHP services provide 54 kW mechanically to 420 kW.
E 0834 E 302 ERDGAS
E 0834 E 312 ERDGAS
E 0834 LE 302 ERDGAS
E 0836 LE 202 ERDGAS
E 2842 E 312 ERDGAS
E 2842 LE 322 ERDGAS
E 2848 LE 322 ERDGAS
E 2876 E 312 ERDGAS
E 2876 LE 302 ERDGAS

leise green gas fernsteuerung 24service


  • MAN Engine with engine sensory
  • Sled Frame
  • MIC ignition
  • Gas line for biogas
  • GAC Speed control
  • Marelli Generator
  • Exhaust cam with heat protection
  • inkl assembly
  • Full load test run on test bench with natural gas


  • MFD 500
  • DetCon 20
  • AIO CHP controller
  • 2 bearing generator
  • Thermal module with exhaust gas heat exchanger stainless steel
  • Stainless steel exhaust bypass
  • Automatic bypass control including leg spring
  • Engine cooling water thermal module (Plt. heat exchangers, pumps, valves, piping)
  • El. Cooling water emergency cooler
  • Oil Refilling unit with 50l tank
  • Sound enclosure 70 db(A) at 7m
  • altern. Container 55 db(A) at 7m