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The optimum is reached a power plant when the life is low and failures seldom. Calculable service life only if they are planned such as during maintenance and by visiertes professionals with great care planning, a lot of experience and tuned material management be kept as short as possible and as long as necessary.

Our employees are highly qualified specialists who are the guarantee of high availability and profitability of your plant. Also for your existing plants, we assume like maintenance. We offer to your system tailored service and maintenance incl. Maintenance contracts for the regulation and full maintenance. You will receive a tailored to your needs service.

Is the most reliable operation of your plant, in addition to compliance with maintenance cycles, the availability and use of original consumables and spare parts expected. As a rule, all the relevant parts are available for delivery or within 24 hours.

Service & Maintenance a.o. for:
- all delivered by us cogeneration modules
- MAN gas engines<
- generators
- heat exchangers
- emergency generators
- oil analysis of engine oil
- fuel samples with certifications
- a.m.m.

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